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Tribune Education Foundation(TEF)  is registered partnership firm which aim to promote and provide self-designed education system. Till today’s date TEF has trained many number of students and helped them to become expert of their field. Redefining ourselves is the research department of TEF. This department aim to promote research idea and online education by conduction various projects.

We have two projects running...

Redefining Ourselves


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Redefining Ourselves research cell of TEF which aim to promote and enhance intellectual ideas and through publication. This department has conducted various project under his head.

  1. Perspective
  2. Swami Vivekananda Quiz Competition
  3. National Article Writing Competition 
  4. Anubhooti
  5. Research Book Publication 
Prashn Bindu concept introduced By TEF. Basically it is free educational workshop which aim to provide life learning experiences to students by seminars, workshops and real time guidance and also by various types of events.

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