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Basically TEF is divided into two department i.e prashn bindu [artist cell] and redefining ourselves [research cell]. Each cell conduct various projects according to his kind. In these many years TEF has conducted various projects and executed through respective departments. List of our works as per department wise are –

Prashn bindu – Artist cell of  TEF which conduct project for enhancement of skills and for promotion of art . some of its landmark projects are-

  1. Prashn bindu open mic – open mic for drama, dance ,poetry ,music has been conducted as PB open mic 1.0and PB open mic 1.1 at dehradun .
  2. Prashn bindu workshop – to give life learning experience to student ,this workshop was conducted at DPSS,DGSS RAY’s ACADEMY . GOUR CLASS at sagar ,Madhya Pradesh.
  3. Kathakar –with aim of giving knowledge and sharing experience through storytelling kathakar and kathakar 1.0 was conducted at sagar and umariaya propectively.
  4. Inspiron – to share inspirational stories of individual’s through drama ,poetry and storytelling inspiron was conducted at deheradun.
  5. Course designing – note creation with new and inventory method for school students is also excuting hand by hand .

Redefining ourselves research cell of TEF which aim to promote and enhance intellectual ideas and through publication. This department has conducted various project under his head.

  1. Perspective – project with aim of creative writing between the students it was executed. More than 800 students across india registered for same and made this project an landmark achievement.
  2. Swami vivekanand quiz competition – quiz which aim to create awareness between student about swami vivekanand philosophy was conducted at shivalik school deheradun.
  3. National article writing competition – conducted through online medium this national article writing competition on theme customized education system which has received more than 350students registration for same.
  4. Anubhooti – the project to publish individual life experience on realization of various principle of life in form of book with ISBN has been conducted for free of cost.
  5. Research book publication – to train student with research ability and publish their work in form of book with ISBN.

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