Redefining Ourselves : Research Cell of TEF

What is Redefining Ourselves?

Redefining Ourselves research cell of TEF which aim to promote and enhance intellectual ideas, through publication. This department has conducted various project under the organisation.

  1. Perspective – Projects aim at creative writing between the students were executed. More than 800 students across India marked their presence by registering, and creating the millennial success.
  2. Swami Vivekananda Quiz Competition – Quiz which aimed at creating awareness about Swami Vivekananda’s philosophy. The venue was Shivalik School, Dehradun.
  3. National Article Writing Competition – Conducted national article writing competition online, on theme “Customized Education System” which received great appreciation from almost 350 students registration.
  4. Anubhooti – The project dealt with the theme “realisation of dreams”. The dreams were presented in a published form of book with an ISBN with no cost attached. cost.
  5. Research Book Publication – This was to train students about research, and published a book out of their hard work with ISBN.
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